Water sports on the Garonne

The rivers of the Pyrenees, with the thaw of snow, become an ideal attraction for water sports. With the rise in temperatures in spring and after a good season of snow, the Valley has large water reserves that make water activities one of the best to practice in the area

Vielha with river and mountain views

Rivers and lakes, the ideal scenario to practice water sports

The Garonne, which starts at the crossroads of Beret and Orri and flows into the Atlantic, is a magnificent setting for white-water activities such as rafting, canoeing, surfing kayaking and canyoning.

person rafting on the river


Rafting consists of descending rivers using conditioned pneumatic boats that have a capacity of 6-8 people. Every participant is involved in the adventure and it is a sport that can be practiced at any time of the year.

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couple in a kayak

Canoeing and surfing kayak

Both activities will allow you to enjoy descending through rough white-water surrounded by riverside forests. You can practice these activities individually or in pairs.

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Surfing kayak:

water from a waterfall with stones


Sports practice that consists of walking along the riverbed combining swimming and climbing techniques. It is an excellent way to have direct contact with nature.

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